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triple médaille d'or

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ETUDE de Chopin - Coline-Marie Orliac
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Royal Héritage

le Vin du Roy

Royal Heritage comes from the blending of wines from our best and oldest stocks: Tannat, Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Abouriou.
They give this wine the speci c characteristic of the black Brulhois vintage.
Each variety of wine demands a separate wine-processing, but the time of fermenta- tion in vats is the same and can take up to three weeks.

During the fermentation in vats high temperatures are required to extract a maxi- mum richness from the skin. This gives each wine its particular avour :
questche and cherry for Merlot and Cabernet, blackcurrant and blackberry for Tan- nat and Abouriou, whose rough tannin will soften with time.

The wine from the different stocks are blended after six months in barrels. That time in barrels adds mellowness and a liquorices avor resulting from slow oxygenation. Ageing in bottles adds a nishing touch, so every bottle you open will give your palate the velvety, silky delight of happy days.

The 2008 Vintage harvested in September, its tannin is very ripe and its bouquet has a touch of cooked and candied fruit in it.
It is a wine that goes very well with fricassees, stews, game and cheese.



Open the bottle at least four hours
Before serving it or even better pour it from one Bottle into another and back to the rst one.




Le Prince 

de Royal Héritage

Commentaire de dégustation
Vin aux couleurs rouge sombre et profond
 un nez au large bouquet de fruits rouges et noirs tirant vers la mure 
En bouche  ce vin aux tannin présents mais soyeux décline une large palette de fruits

The estate of Jean Orliac has never stop- ped producing wine but in 2011 the area was classed A.O.C. (Appelation d’Origine Controlée is the highest French wine clas- si cation. It indicates that the wine meets strict requirements regarding the vine yard, the grapes, the method of production and the alcoholic strength). The estate in 2010 5 hectares of vines of 5 years old


Encepagement of vines 5 years old • 40% merlot / 40% Cabernet franc / nat

  • The average yield is 55 Hectos /H

  • The parcels of land are worked mechani-

    cally with no weed killes

  • The harvest is done by hand

  • The fermentation is in cement vats

  • The temperature of fermentation is

    controlled 28°c

  • The length of time in the vat is about 15


  • Fermentation Malo lactique in oak barrels

    of 600 litres
    • Matured in half muids, one wine, two wines

    and three wines during 12 months


  • Colour is deep ruby or Crimson.

  • The nose : dark fruits, BlackBerry, blue-

    berry and plum.

  • Spicey notes of vanilla and chocolate.

  • boire à 18 °  après deux heures d'oxygénation

    Enjoy the wine testing !

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Le Prince Blanc 2019

de Royal Héritage

Ce vin blanc sec est produit sur un terrain légèrement calcaire et graveleux. Ce terroir va donner au vin un coté minéral tout en lui conservant l’arome floral des cépages. Ce sont trois hectares dont la moitié sont planté avec une orientation nord-ouest .



  • L’encépagement : 30% chardonnay, 30% gros manseng, 25% petit courbu et 15 % sauvignon.

  • Les rendements sont contenus autour de 40 à 50hl par hectare.

  • Les vendanges sont manuelles.

  • La fermentation se fait à basse température dans de petites cuves

    ciment de 20hl.

  • Le vin est laissé sur lies 1 mois en barrique après la fin de fermen-



  • Couleur : claire, nez fin et élégant

  • En bouche : Finesse d’aromes florales, un corps gras structuré, sans

    acidité. Longue persistance en bouche.

  • À déguster à 10° en apéritif, sur poissons gras, sur charcuterie

    ou fromage à patte dure.

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Château Labastide Orliac


Deep red color. Nose of red and black fruits : groseille, cassis, prunes To be drunk at 18° with poultry or red meat. Decanting recommended.

This is the family Reserve of the Domaine, made from the youngest vines which are producing their rst grapes. They are just at the begining of their life, so their roots are not very deep in the soil yet. The result is a lighter wine, ready to drink sooner, but with an obvious family resemblance with Royal Heritage and Le Prince.


• Blend : 40% Merlot, 40% Cabernet Franc, 20% Tannat
• Vine Density : 5,500 vines/hectare
• Average yield : 55hl/ha
• Viticultural practices : the vineyards are worked mecanically and no herbicides are used

• Harvest : by hand
• Alcoholic fermentation : in cement vat • Temperature : 28°C
• Maceration : around 15 days
• Malolactic fermentation : in cement vat • Bottling after 2 years aging in vat


2 soeurs en Aquitaine

Located on a north-facing hillside; young vines are exposed to a balanced amount of sunshine, in order to produce wines with a wholesome equilibrium of maturity and suitable alcohol content.


• Grape varietals: 50% Merlot, 35% Cabernet Franc, 15% Tannat
• Planting density: 4000 plants per hectare
• Average yield: 55 hectoliters per hectare
• Viticultural practices: Vineyards are worked mechanically without usage of herbicides • Harvest is performed by hand

• Alcoholic fermentation in cement vats • Bottling after one year aging in vats


• Vibrant purple red color.
• Nose : Upon entry, hints of spice followed by red fruits, macerated strawberry and blackcurrant consume the nose.
• Palate: Delicately balanced, round and supple; characterized by the qualities inherent to the typical tannins of the Sud-Ouest wines, present without excess.
• Best served at 18°C with red or white meats, French traditional cooking of the Sud-Ouest or more conveniently with spicy dishes. It will ideally complement a Peking duck or a rib steak with con t onions.


Goutez aux vins

de la Bastide-Orliac

labellisés en haute valeur environnementale 

2 vins pleins de fraicheur et de fruit

Le nouveau chai de Labastide
a permis au domaine d'élargir sa gamme par des vins plaisirs à boire frais
et cultivés sur des sols dont nous respectons la vie.

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