L'histoire de ce vin jadis servi sur les tables royales sera découverte en 2007 dans cette demeure au passé prestigieux par Catherine et Isabelle ORLIAC

Ce secret est découvert par hasard, un soir d’orage, dans le secret d’un vieux meuble :

Des manuscrits et des objets relatant le passé prestigieux du domaine et de la famille et à leur grande surprise, une lettre du Roi de France accordant protection à leur aïeul Jean Orliac 

voir la lettre du roy
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Royal Edict


I, Louis, King of France, hereby decree as follows :

        Having Sieur Jean Orliac in high esteem, I grant him, in his capacity as a Merchant, from this day onward and for the duration of full three years, the entire freedom to conduct his affairs as he deems.

        Officers, constables and bailiffs, are henceforth under the obligation not to proceed to any arrest of said Sieur Orliac, nor to cause him any kind of hindrance.

        Thus it is understood that Sieur Jean Orliac may not be taken into custody, nor be sentenced to imprisonment.

        As a consequence, anyone concerned by this decree who contravene these my royal orders will instantly be deprived of his rank and powers and likewise be dismissed of his duties.

        If, nevertheless, Sieur Jean Orliac happens to be incarcerated, it is hereby ordered  to set free said Sieur Jean Orliac forthwith.

Done at Versailles, June 11, 1780